Key features


Gestionik is a customer management software designed to help you manage your business.
The highly secure software (https) is accessible at any time using the web.

With Gestionik you can:

  •  easily communicate with all users while avoiding spam and junk mail

  •  enjoy a reliable classification system for your clients (including mapping)

  •  get an unlimited number of projects per client (billing, payment history)

  •  display your work in progress, accounts receivable, income, balance sheets

  •  manage all expenses related to your operations

  •  record all your products and services to the inventory

  •  add users and manage their access rights

  •  import your logo and set your different display settings

  •  configure your taxes and currencies according to your region

  •  work with a highly professional software without paying a fortune

  •  and much more ...

  • SaaS - Software as a Service


    The interface is designed for easy navigation through the different features.
    The main menu, always located at the top of the screen, allows you to reach the desired module.

  •  Communicate with all the users in your management center.

  •  View all your messages in a glance.

  •  Print your messages for future reference.

  •  Find archived and sent messages in a click.

  •  Also serves as a very good friend for your secretary/receptionist!
  •  Add all your clients and create your own categories.

  •  Access their contact information (including mapping).

  •  Add specific projects for each of your clients.

  •  Generate invoices (automated payment history).

  •  Generate a client history, add memos ...
  •  Add all your contacts and create your own categories.

  •  Access their contact information (including mapping).

  •  Manage potential clients.

  •  Instantly transfer contacts to clients.

  •  Generate a contact history, add memos ...
  •  Manage all your work in progress and accounts receivable.

  •  View your income for a given period in a click.

  •  View invoices over 30 days in a glance.

  •  Easily manage your business income.

  •  Generate statements ...
  •  Create specific categories to classify your expenses.

  •  Easily record expenses related to your operations.

  •  View your expenses for a given period in a single click.

  •  Manage your business expenses.

  •  Generate statements.
  •  Add your products and services to the inventory.

  •  Enter a note for each if desired.

  •  Enter the unit prices related to your products and services.

  •  The Inventory module is related to any invoice.

  •  The Inventory module also includes a search filter.
  •  Add an unlimited number of users to your management center.

  •  Determine specific access rights for each user.

  •  Limit access rights to different modules.

  •  Manage the control panel (taxes, currencies, other settings).

  •  Use your management center, internally and externally!

  • Gestionik

    • No installation required!
    • Accessible 24/24 - 7 days
    • High secure access to your data
    • Efficient, great ease of use
    • Colorful and friendly user interface
    • More than affordable cost

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