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User-friendly customer management software

gestionik, software as a service

Whether you are starting out or are already in the business world, Gestionik can be a useful tool to manage your operations.

Gestionik is a Client Management Software designed to help you manage your business. It provides you with a secure access to your customer databases at all times and offers a colorful and friendly user interface to help you find what you are looking for in a click.

Gestionik, it's obvious!

Gestionik offers a colorful and user-friendly interface to help you find what you’re looking for in a click...

Gestionik (Fiche Client)
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Great solution, low cost!

Whether the softwares are local or online, many solutions are available. Based on recent statistics, the majority of entrepreneurs still use a multitude of different softwares nowadays to manage their operations, which obviously results in exorbitant costs. Additionally, these softwares are oftentimes not very user-friendly (training may be required, endless hours of reading user guides may be necessary), or they offer useless features for which you are still being charged.

Regardless of the version you choose, Gestionik includes the key features required to ensure proper customer management. Its great usability and affordable operating cost make it accessible to all!

reliable, efficient, user-friendly!

No installation required!
Software registration only takes a few minutes and you are ready to use Gestionik. Works with any device connected to the Internet.

No technical knowledge required
User-friendly software requires no particular computer knowledge.

Secure online access at all times
Works with any device connected to the Internet.

Peace of mind guaranteed
No risk related to theft, fire, breakage or hard drive crash. All your precious data is stored on highly secure servers and backups are performed daily.

Efficiency, user-friendliness
Colorful and user-friendly interface designed to clearly display the information you are looking for. Only a few clicks are required to display the client’s complete history, and view the work in progress, the accounts receivable, the payment history, the balance sheets, and much more ...


Nothing is easier than using Gestionik! All you have to do is create an account for free and eventually, if required, transfer to a version that best suits your needs, without losing any of your data!

Gestionik is ideal for ...
  •  Professionals

  •  Self-employed workers

  •  Medium-sized businesses

  •  Small businesses

  •  Micro-businesses

    It is also a faithful friend for your secretary or your receptionist! They will thank you ...

    Gestionik (Messagerie interne)

    Have peace of mind
    No longer risk losing all your data, either because of a broken computer, fire, theft or other. Gestionik keeps your data safe on highly secure servers where backups are performed daily ...

    Custom software

    In business, it is ideal to have a software that fits 100% with your business activities. If some of Gestionik’s applications are of no use to you, or if you would like to add some more (inventory or statistics, for example), no problem! We offer custom softwares to fully meet your actual needs, with the possibility of upgrading to another version as your business evolves.

    If you need a software fully adapted to your needs, feel free to contact us.


    • No installation required!
    • Accessible 24/24 - 7 days
    • High secure access to your data
    • Efficient, great ease of use
    • Colorful and friendly user interface
    • More than affordable cost

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